June/July News Letter

 All WCKAC Members 

I am sure that all of us can agree that when we set our new year resolutions for 2020, we had slightly different plans in mind than what has unfolded. I am also sure that everyone is “Over” this lockdown feeling, but unfortunately, we still need to push on and push through as we are still yet to reach our peak, but I am not sending this message today to preach about what we all know already. 

 SAKFA Announcement 

On Tuesday the 2nd of June, Neal Sills, Kowus Pelser, Brendon Brown, and I were part of a Zoom meeting with members of other Kayak fishing organizations in SA about SAKFA (South African Kayak Fishing Association). The meeting lasted about 2 hours and covered the current position of Kayak Fishing in South Africa, along with the growth of our sport and what lies ahead for us. First and foremost it was made clear that SAKFA is NOT there to police the Kayak Angler, but merely to protect them. A good example was given that an angler in Durban was deliberately knocked off of his ski by a boat, so from a SAKFA perspective, they can assist the kayaker by laying an official complaint and taking action against the skipper of the boat if the angler feels the need to.
We are also in a fortunate position that they acknowledged that SAKFA was initially formed for KZN based angling and that we can assist them in setting different regulations for Western Cape based kayak angling. 

It was decided that each Club needs to have 1 representative on the new SAKFA national committee and I am happy to inform you that Neal Sills will be representing the WCKAC and Kowus Pelser will be representing JKF and also assisting SAKFA with their social media needs. Congratulations Neal and Kowus and thank you for time and effort to grow our sport!

Each paid up club member will receive their SAKFA membership Sticker shortly.

More information to follow shortly about SAKFA.

WCKAC Membership

As you are aware, the WCKAC is the first official kayak angling club in the Western Cape to promote friendly competitive angling amongst fellow kayakers. What started as an idea amongst friends, quickly grew and drew attention of various other clubs, sponsors and organisations.

To prevent confusion, the membership is as follow:

New Membership:
R500 per year running from January to December. If a new member signs up from July, he/she can qualify for a reduced fee of R300 from July to December.
Renewal of Membership:
All current members renewal fee is R300 for the year running from January to December.
WCKAC and CBSB Membership:
This will be full membership for you AND your direct Family to both the Western Cape Kayak Angling Club and also the Cape Boat and Ski Boat Club with their benefits. The fee for a year is R1375.

Please note that CBSB Club is currently running a Covid-19 Membership Special where you can become a full member for R400 for the remainder of 2020. To register, please click on the below link:
Please note that all of the above options include your membership and registration to SAKFA.

COVID-19 and Responsible Fishing
Thank you to all for setting a good example of responsible fishing. I have noticed when we are launching at the beach/slip ways that all anglers are adhering to the rules and wearing their masks and sanitizing their hands as requested.
Thank you for doing your part and for representing our club in such a positive manner!

Winter Fishing in the Cape
We are currently in that time of the year where we are waiting for Three Anchor Bay and Robben island to “come alive” and hopefully it will be soon, after the couple of cold fronts that have been moving through. With Cape Point still closed and all anglers waiting in anticipation for the reopening of it and a few reports of Yellowtail with lock jaw passing through Simonstown, hopefully most anglers are doing their research and getting their gear ready for when that day arrives…
Attached is an article I found on the web about catching Yellowtail. It might be useful to some and assist in new strategies for luring in these magnificent fish.

June has proven itself to be a difficult fishing month, but has delivered some chokka and crayfish to some of our anglers and a lot more sunrise pics to others.
For this reason, we found it well deserving to announce Kowus Pelser’s Galjoen of 2.6kg caught from the beach as the June Catch of the Month.
Well Done Kowus!

July Club In-House Catch of the Month
With the Covid-19 Pandemic putting a halt to all social activities and also all competitions, we find ourselves in a position where we are allowed to fish, but not have our own club competitions.
One can argue that our club competitions are generally done on an individual basis, but in the eyes of the law it will still be regarded as an “organised” event forcing anglers to fish on a specific date with the potential of a group gathering.
For this reason, we will be focussing on the clubs Catch of the Month. The catch of the month can be a catch done anytime and anywhere during the month of July and must be posted on the WCKAC Chat group the same day the fish was caught, along with where it was caught.
The winner of the July Catch of the Month will receive a lure of his/her choice to the value of R250 if caught from a Kayak. Only edible fish will qualify for the prize.

WCKAC Website
We finally have our own website that is up and running. It is still a work in progress, but we are learning as we are moving forward. You can visit our site on www.wckac.co.za
A very Big Thank You to Kowus Pelser for assisting us in taking this step forward.
If you have any queries or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the WCKAC Executives.

Tight Lines
Lutcin van Kraayenburg
WCKAC Chairman

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