2021 Club competitions

When 2020 lockdown came into effect, we suspended the monthly comps in favour of “Catch of the month”.
We still have changing restrictions and a lingering threat of lockdown, so we can’t be sure about any dates we set.

At least for now we have freedom to fish, so we’ll get back to fishing for points again, but with some changes.

Introducing the WCKAC 2021 Grand Slam. We will now be fishing for a specific range of species.
Try to catch them all or most and stand a chance to win the Grand Slam. Only 1 (the biggest) of each species counts for points.
The top prize goes to the angler with the most points, smaller prizes for the rest of the top 10.

You can fish on any day, within the boundaries of Western Cape. Yes you read that right 😉 its the province boundaries.

Only the biggest fish per species counts, upgrade your score throughout the year.

Total points are based on number of species caught multiplied by the points for the fish.
For example: 1 yellow tail (100 points) + 1 bonito (50 points) * number of species (2) = 300

Points per fish

SpeciesMin Size (cm)Base Points
Bonito (Atlantic)010
Elf / Shad305
Grunter (Spotted)405
Leervis / GarrickRelease without measurement10
Slender tuna020

Measurement must be by tape measure.
Video evidence must be provided with the following information in order to qualify:
a. Your Name and Surname 
b. Fish Species name
c. Fork Length Measurement. Fish to be measured from the tip of the top jaw to the centre of the fork in the tail in centimetres.
d. Video to indicate start of the tape measure and track the tape measure down the fish to the fork in the tail then zoom out for the entire fish including the tape measure.
e. Tape measure must not be slack
f. Your video submissions must be submitted within 1 week of you catching the fish!

Garrick release must be recorded, ask a friend if you don’t have an action camera.

Catch of the month is here to stay, but unrelated to points, it’s a small prize for the best catch by member vote.
It’s not about how big the fish is, and please don’t feel obliged to vote that way!
Vote for a cool sunrise, a rare or monster fish, whatever your reasons.
We’re talking to sponsors to replace or compliment the current cash prize.

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