January 2021 – Wrap up

Welcome to the 2021 season

First off a big welcome to all new members who have joined the club and no doubt will be adding to the exciting times ahead, great gees & awesome moments throughout the 2021 season.

With the first month of 2021 already over some of our members have put the WCKAC train in motion with some fantastic catches already in the hatch.

Locked drag, rippin’ reels & hungry seals!

Our members have been paddling hard to get on the leaderboard & we have seen some fantastic catches. Some paying tax, others bringing home some goons and a few only getting in a good paddle.

We had Guy hitting Struis clocking a decent amount of kilometers in search of that donkey tail. We all were hoping he would land that monster but unfortunately only got beaten up more times than Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 3, yet he still managed some great species on the slowpitch jig.

Well done Guy!

Kobus & Taariq managing some decent size kob as well as some of our members managing to get into the elf action.

Score Board as it stands:

Last words …

Well done to all our members who have managed to get onto the water & to those who put points on the leaderboard. Our members have been racing to get to the top of the leaderboard for the first month and things are looking to be an interesting 2021 season ahead…

Check out some of our members catches over the month:

Remember you'll only know if you go, so pack your gear and GO!

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