MARCH 2021 – Wrapped up

Some awesome catches this month!

With March being the month of the Witsand fishing comp, the month of tail coming into the bay & for many the first time this year they were able to get onto the water it was no surprise to see some awesome catches being made throughout.

Guy with his massive yellowtail (he finally got one off the reefs), a few members getting their first fish of 2021, Zach hooking a grunter at the Witsand comp, Devin in Cape Vidal on a couta mission, mackerel mayhem, bonnie bonanzas all over and yet still the yellowtail are picky.

I for one am excited to see what the next month brings as it might just be full of surprises. The grand slam is looking pretty great so far & our members are catching a few species to push their standings up on the leaderboard.

Strand seemed to be the place where it was at a while back as reports of yellowtail, bonnies, garrick, kob, elf and all new personal bests were coming out. It seems that the wind that was blowing held the fish in that little cove and things were firing nicely!

Our members catches:

Our members are fishing hard & let’s hold thumbs for an even better April!

I have a feeling a few of our members are hiding in the dark to give others a headstart. I’m feeling a change in the leaderboards soon matey ….

And that’s it, short & sweet just like an anchovy!

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