Howdy all!

So as you may (or may not) have noticed, the April wrap up is as late as ever. Unfortunately this was due to some technical difficulties on the other end of the screen.

Anyways moving along swiftly…

Not everything yellow is mellow…

Kobus with a bus tail!

So hitting it off we had some super yellowtail, rod bending, forearm stretching, back aching, super strong bull rushed tail charging fights in April.

A few of our members got their biggest yellowtails to date & what a sight it was to behold.


A few awesome catches from our members have shuffled the leaderboards a bit & it’s really awesome to see how hard our members are competing for top spot. There’s no doubt about it that the young bloods are getting in on the action too. It seems all the advice on the groups & paddle sessions are paying off!

Strand has to have been the hotspot over the last few days & boy has it served our members well.

The Chef’s corner

Wee wee check out some of our members tastey dishes! If this doesn’t get one sliver of drool down the corner of your mouth then you need to book yourself in at the quack.

Tastey dishes that could only be done with the freshest of fish! Well done to our members, Chef Ramsey would be chuffed. (still swearing but he would be chuffed)

“Paint me like one of your French girls”

And lastly we leave you with our cover model Joseph…

Super stoked to get on the board with some really nice katonkel, but our members only noticed the fish in the photo 3 days later. Stop it Joseph, you tease!

Joseph with his katonkel catches

See you again at the end of the month!

Tight lines

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