So we love to keeping you all guessing when the month write ups come through. MAY-be it will be a month late or we should post May 2022’s write up next week? Who knows…

Well May was a month where I think our members got a bit chilly.

We only had 2 or 3 submissions for COTM. Guy went to Dassen, James got a lekker tail & Taariq… Yeah you know how this fella goes. I swear he could troll an earing from Chinatown and still get vas with a tail.

With June looking out to be a great month so far we have very little in terms of a dry hatch for the month so let’s see what the leaderboards say at the end of June.

Big apologies for the lateness of this write up. As Mama once said, life is like a box of chocolates… You get fat if you have too much of the good stuff.

From my keyboard to your screen, see you in a few for the June write up…

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