In SEPTEMBER, do you remember?

Taariq kicking off the

rush for yellow!

Well yes it seems like this time the fish remembered to do something in September… I just have to start off by telling you to play this video in the background while reading through the month of September… It takes a while to edit all the photos to make it look like we are catching fish… Jk



Mark Fisher with an amazing tail! He managed to bag himself a really great size yellowtail kingfish that would boxed harder than a bonnie ever could. Great stuff Mark! Also Mark snuck in the Catch of the month with this catch too!

Luke Skinner avoiding tax on the spin. Lucky him he got his sprat back! It’s nice to see the front end of Luke for once. For some reason he keeps saying “Hiiii” to all our members… #IfYouKnowYouKnow

We call this the ‘office burner photo‘ … Why?
Well if you too received this while working in the office you too would want to burn it down to go get in on the action! Taariq Levack tested a lot of our member’s patience levels by sending this epic photo midweek…

GALLERY!!! Just catch your chin… she is going to drop…


Check out some epic sizzling succulent smoldering saucey surprisingly slurrpseceiSBCSU ssi osu… Apologies drool does not do wonders for the keyboard!

Luckily October seems to be a snoek month after all… See yall then!

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