2021 Club social house rules

With the explosive growth of the club, over 3X from 2020, our next comp is members-only so we can get to know each other better.

All members should feel invited, and be as much or as little social as you’re comfortable. You can weigh-in and leave, or have a drink, stay for a braai, some will even overnight in tents.

Hopefully we’ll have great weather and fish all weekend, but if that doesn’t seem likely, we’ll at least get together to braai on one of the days.
So this is a club social event first, and a competition second.

For the social the only rule is to be lekker, which includes being safe, for the comp also note the following;

When: 27th/28th November 2021

Weigh-in: Cape boat and Ski boat club. Saturday 3pm – 4pm, Sunday 1pm – 2pm

Launch area: Fish Hoek to Kommetjie (Launch pic required)
Launch time
: First light

Main prize is R5000 for biggest game fish (yellowtail, bonito, snoek, any tuna species)

R1000 for biggest of every other species
You can only win 1 prize, so only your biggest winner counts.

Garrick and Shad not included. Besides not being good targets anyway, Shad season is closed and Garrick is strongly encouraged to release.

If you’d still like to enter, or just come along to braai, please fill in this form.

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