Biggest Yellowtail of Dec/Jan 2022

NB With only one entry for December, the December comp was aborted. January’s prize for R2500 remains open to all members.

Yellowtail is one of the most sustainable species to target, they grow fast, fight hard and can be found all along our coastline, under the right conditions.
They can be caught in shallow water, often close to the launch sites, making them accessible to all experience levels, also under the right conditions.

All members qualify for December’s main prize of R5000, and paid up 2022 members at the time of the catch, also enter that catch into January’s comp for R2500.

We use the same points system and measurement as per Grand Slam rules, don’t forget the nice straight tape with a clear start to end, or you could be asked to re-measure or be penalised.

Bonus points are awarded on weekends;

1 extra point for every 5th cm from 70cm onwards.

– 70cm yellowtail earns 1 bonus point

– 84cm yellowtail earns 3 bonus points, 1 each at 70cm, 75cm and 80cm

Where? WC
What happens with a tie? Winners split the prize
Bonus points on public holidays? Yes

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