2022 Grandslam and budget changes

Some proposed changes we’ve been weighing up, this form will be open for at least 2 days to gather feedback for consideration.

Kindly comment below any item, and feel free to add any other comments or suggestions at the end.

2. Compulsory release species:

To qualify for points, these species must be released, currently this only includes Garrick/Leervis.

Below is a list of some of the other species on the Two Oceans Aquarium red/endangered list, choose up to 3 you’d like to see targeted for compulsory release.

They would also score a base number of points, eg 10 or 20, for a video of their release, regardless of size.

However, if you also safely measure before releasing a fish of legal size, you’re awarded 1 extra point per centimetre over the legal size, as with all species.

There’ll be a limit of two fish released without measurement per year, and you’d be able to upgrade to a bigger fish or different species if you’ve been able to measure one later in the year.

It’s understandably difficult to measure and release, especially a big fish, and you may need help from a fellow paddler.
Please handle fish with care using wet hands/gloves, and release as soon as possible.

– Black musselcracker
– Red steenbras
– Zebra
– Galjoen
– Grunter
– Baardman
– Giant kob / dusky kob
– other


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