Jan 2022 AGM and GS prize giving agenda

Based on the poll result for Grandslam and budget changes this year, here’s our agenda for feedback and votes at the AGM tomorrow.

1. General tuna category to include all species. Skipjack and slender tuna are frequently caught in WC
Poll result: Split species
We’ll keep slender tuna and add skipjack. Longfin/Yellowfin/other tuna can be a wild card, but not a reasonable target.

2. Release species (Discussion point, whether to have it at all, gadgets to record the release etc)

Most people support catch and release, as do sponsors, and we have a chance and responsibility to not only do the least harm, but also do the most good.

Some endangered species gets fixed points per species and multiplier.
Maximum of 2 fish allowed.

List of species to add to Garrick:
Red roman
Red stumpnose / miss lucy
Red steenbras
White steenbras
Black muscle cracker

Exception: Kob can be kept or released, points for kob is 50 alive, and maximum 45 dead.
This supports the overall sentiment to protect big breeding kob, over 90cm is consensus.
The kob is effectively worth more alive than dead.

3. If a fish is not compulsory release, eg yellowtail, bonito etc, and you measure and release it anyway, +5 bonus points
Poll result: Rejected

4. Increase Garrick/Leerie and potentially other release species points to 20
Poll result: Agreed, if not more points due to difficulty compared to bonito for example

5. R20 donation to NSRI for every membership
Poll result: Agreed
Additional Comments:
Straight donation in the club’s name is preferred.
If you deposit any additional funds into the club account with your name + NSRI, we’ll also donate those funds to NSRI.

6. Increase Catch of the Month allocation to R400 to R500. Lets also consider voucher rather than cash, from a supporting tackle shop, eg Jacita
Poll result: Agreed

Additional comments:
Members will have option to take R400 cash, and committee will try to arrange R500 or better voucher at supporting tackle shops or sponsors
R1200 per year towards 1 or 2 of the best beach cleanup pic/videos (decided by members)

7. Beach cleanup for 5 points (Post a pic of beach cleanup up to twice a year, no multiplier)

Poll result: Agreed, but some clarification for what qualifies is needed.
Proposal: any pic or video that you or Devin can post on social media of an effort made to clean up garbage.
This can be garbage on the ocean at 3 anchor, or on the beach, as some people do anyway.
You can join or organise 1 or 2 sessions as a club on a windy morning, or after fishing anyway.
You can also do it yourself or with your family and friends.
It doesn’t need to be a set amount of garbage, only pass your peers’ reasonable test.

8. Other comments/suggestions up for a quick vote/chat
– Remove grunter from kill list? (move to release species only)-
add chokka?
– add Atlantic mackerel as a species? (Minimum 30cm)
– fun prize for best fishing reports posted in the chat, can be English or Afrikaans
– big end of year prize for best release video/s (Release of the year, decided by members)
– have more socials (in other areas too)
– away socials, eg stilbaai, witsand, struisbaai, cape vidal

2021 Financial recap

  1. rash vests
  2. stickers
  3. COTM prizes
  4. Comp prizes
  5. Social braai
  6. This AGM’s food, venue etc


  1. Memberships
  2. Donations
  3. Interest, etc?

Grandslam prize giving

Top 10 anglers

Honorouble mentions:

  • Most improved (Young Zak attack, paddling on his own ski in the wind to get a grunter. Catching many bonnies)
  • Underdog of the year (Deon Hignett finishing 11, consistent all year and fished hard to the last days and just got edged out)
  • Julian Taylor (6 species, when about half the top 10 only managed 5, but he didn’t get a yellowtail, size matters)
  • Mauritz Viljoen (Biggest kob 96cm, biggest elf 54cm)
  • Luke Skinner, biggest bonito 67cm
  • Kobus Stander, biggest yellowtail 113cm, biggest hottie 44cm
  • James Johnson and Luke Skinner (Biggest snoek 110cm)

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