Wrapup AGM and 2021 GS prize giving

After a great day fishing Cape Point with at least 50 other kayaks, we kicked off the AGM with snacks and drinks at the Cape Boat and Ski Boat club.

We touched on several points relating to catch and release, and every time it was clear we’re in support, very proud of you legends.

While its not easy/convenient to get a release video of a fish, especially in challenging conditions, we voted that up to 2 of these release-only species get points and a multiplier.
No measurement is needed, as per Garrick currently.

Release species:
Red roman
Red stumpnose / miss lucy
Red steenbras
White steenbras
Black muscle cracker

This gives everyone in WC the chance to get 2 species.

Garrick was voted to 20 points for difficulty catching, and for simplicity all the rest will get the same number of points.
We can re-evaluate next season, if it’s worth complicating the release points to include difficulty, or a legal size by eyeball test for extra points.

The biggest change we’re trialing this year is for Kob which is under increasing pressure.
We’re giving anglers the choice of release without measurement for 50 points, or the usual measurement video and points, but only up to a maximum of 45 points, which is what you’d get for a 90cm specimen.
Effectively you can keep a kob at your discretion, however, even a small undersized kob is now worth more in points alive than a big dead one.
You can also upgrade to a release video, if you’ve measured a kob previously.
This removes the pressure on anglers to keep getting a bigger kob throughout the year, or to kill a big breeding fish for points.

Grunter is removed as a GS species, its hard/expensive for most people to target in WC.Grunter can be released for points.

To further encourage catch and release especially of endangered species, but not limited to, we’re awarding a big (+R2000 in cash and prizes) for the best release pic or video. As voted by you along with December 2022’s COTM.

Skipjack tuna joins the grandslam as a species.
A unicorn yellowfin or longfin catch will surely be a COTM contender, but we didn’t think it’s a good target to add as a species at this stage.

The NSRI donation proposal passed as expected, so we’ll donate R20 per membership directly in the club’s name.
If you also want to donate extra to NSRI via the club, please add NSRI to the payment reference, we’ll note that and post the amount we’ve donated in total.
We’ll make the members donation the first week of February, while some membership renewals are still coming in.

– Increase Catch of the Month allocation to R400

– Beach cleanup for 5 points (Post a pic/video of beach cleanup up to twice a year, no multiplier)

Best cleanup pic/video of the year gets R1200

War on the shore competition will be earlier this year.

We carried over more than R10000 from 2021, and we’re well poised to build on the great foundation so far.

That wrapped up the AGM, with no changes proposed to the committee this year, we’ll appoint some keen members to help organise more socials, talk to sponsors and so on. Please reach out to the committee if you’re keen.

Grandslam prize giving

We proceeded with the prize giving, awarding the top 10 anglers each a beautiful Sox Fishing trophy and Tepin lure. Sox Fishing also sponsored several lures for members who were underdogs (Deon Hignett), up and coming youngster Zach attack, and lucky draw (Kobus Stander).
Orka paddles supported us with a huge surprise lucky draw paddle, congrats to Luke Skinner.
Railblaza SA sponsored many great prizes, as did Devil’s peak and Wurth.

The sport of kayak fishing is growing at a phenomenal rate, as is the club, and its thanks to members for supporting each other, and thanks to our sponsors for supporting our members.
It’s no surprise that many of our sponsors are members.

We’re standing on these strong shoulders.

Railblaza South Africa
Big Catch
Jacita Bait & Tackle
Seaport Supply
Goeie Hoop Vervoer Spoeddiens
Orka paddles
Sox Fishing
Devil’s Peak Brewery
Franschoek Distillery
Abundance Recycling
Dynamic Fishing

Huge congrats to Luke Skinner for winning the Orka paddle in the surprise lucky draw.

Thanks again to everyone for the friendly competitive spirit you bring to the Grandslam.
Wishing you all fair winds on weekends and tight lines!

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