Flash comp 25th & 26th June 2022

Thanks to great catches from False Bay and Table Bay recently, and a little weather window open this weekend, we’re having a flash comp for members only.

The challenge is a species comp, the most points on the day for all qualifying GrandSlam species (excluding release-only species)

Only your biggest fish per species counts.
You can fish both days, but only one day’s score counts.
You must submit your catches on the same day by cutoff 7pm.
You must mention your name and “Flash comp” in your measurement video.
If there are multiple winners, the prize of R2000 will be split.

Also note, the measurement used is the Katonkel Ronkel standard as shown in this video, the important difference with the GrandSlam which some members already adopt thanks to greater consistency, is to lay the tape on a flat surface and measure from the tip of the closed mouth to fork/tail as appropriate, with a knife or suitable marker showing clearly where the measurement starts and ends.
You may use any tape if you don’t already have the Adrenalin, as long as you meet the same high standard as shown in the video.
All other GrandSlam rules apply, ie we round down and not to the nearest CM. Points are added together, no multiplier.

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