Grandslam points

* 1 point for every CM over the minimum size, plus Base Points
* 1 multiple per species. eg 3 species of 30 points each = 90 Total

SpeciesMin Size (cm)Base Points
Bonito (Atlantic) Fork length 10
Elf / Shad Fork length 30 5
Grunter (Spotted) Fork length 40 5
Hottentot Total length 22 1
Kob Total length 50 5
Leervis / Garrick No measurementRelease10
Snoek Total length 60 10
Tuna (Slender) Fork length 20
Yellowtail Fork length 20

Measurement must be by tape measure.
Video evidence must be provided with the following information in order to qualify:
a. Your Name and Surname 
b. Fish Species name
c. Fork Length Measurement. Fish to be measured from the tip of the jaw to the centre of the fork in the tail in centimetres.
d. Video to indicate start of the tape measure and track the tape measure down the fish to the fork in the tail then zoom out for the entire fish including the tape measure.
e. Tape measure must not be slack
f. Your video submissions must be submitted within 1 week of you catching the fish!

Garrick release must be recorded, ask a friend if you don’t have an action camera.